This page contains information about advocacy, common aspects of commercial disputes and intellectual property.  It is a general guide for lawyers and clients.  Please get in touch if you need further information or want to discuss how this might apply in a particular situation.

Registered designs

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Overview Registered designs protect various aspects of articles produced through industrial processes.  They relate to appearance of the item, or more particularly its features, shape or arrangement, rather than an underlying idea.  In this sense, registered designs are [...]

Moral rights

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Copyright is concerned with protecting the economic interests of the copyright owner.  The Copyright Act also contains a parallel regime which relate to recognition and protection of non-pecuniary matters.  Those rights are referred to collectively as moral rights. [...]


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Copyright was once a relatively arcane area of the law which had little impact on the general public.  Technological changes associated with the growth of the internet have changed that.  Copyright law is now hotly debated, and many [...]


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Definition and overview A patent is a monopoly right granted for a limited period, for a product or process which is novel (new) and inventive (non-obvious).  A patent is able to cover the broad concept of an invention, [...]

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