Specialist barrister in intellectual property and commercial disputes.

I’m Kevin Glover. My strength lies in commercial cases involving multiple areas of law – whether that’s different aspects of intellectual property, IP cases with contractual claims, or other complex claims involving companies, insolvency, trusts or property. I practise as a barrister from Shortland Chambers, a leading set of barristers’ chambers in Auckland.

Kevin Glover, Barrister

Experienced advocate. Specialist expertise. Strategic approach.

Image “On Dusk”, © Sally Smith 2016, reproduced with permission


There is no such thing as a “standard” dispute. The variables are always different – the particular facts, the commercial imperatives, the personalities involved and the precise objectives. You need an expert who knows the law and who can take a strategic view.

I’m an experienced trial and appellate advocate, acting as lead counsel in many hearings throughout New Zealand, from specialist tribunals to the superior courts. I can guide you through the litigation process and help you make the right strategic, legal and commercial decisions.


I have acted on a number of contract, company and trust disputes, often with a property aspect, including taking cases to appellate level. These involve a wide range of subject matter regarding agreements for sale and purchase, leases, guarantees, insolvency, judicial review, media law and shareholder disputes.


I am a recognised expert in intellectual property law. For most businesses, intellectual property disputes will be low in frequency – but high in impact. When your IP is under threat, or you’re facing a claim that you have infringed someone else’s rights, the consequences can be significant and can jeopardise the entire business.

I’m a member of Shortland Chambers, a leading set of barristers’ chambers in Auckland.  I’m an experienced disputes lawyer with specialist experience in intellectual property and general commercial disputes, and am frequently asked to act on complex litigation involving multiple issues and technical issues and evidence.